Asia B

Captivating & Alluring

Introducing a captivating and alluring upscale model who embodies sophistication, adventure, spontaneity, and a free-spirited nature. Her name is Asia Bailey, and she is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.

Asia has always been an adventurous spirit, and that spirit led her to explore the world of upscale companionship. She quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for it and embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly. Her discerning taste and love of the finer things in life make her a perfect match for gentlemen who appreciate the same.

With her stunning beauty, elegant style, and charming personality, Asia exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that makes her irresistible to all who encounter her. She loves nothing more than being spoiled by her discerning gentleman, and she reciprocates that affection with her undivided attention and genuine interest in their lives.

She has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, and as such, enjoys indulging in fine dining, traveling to exotic locales, pampering herself at luxurious spas, and participating in outdoor activities. Her love of shopping at high-end boutiques is another of her many passions, and she takes pride in dressing to impress.

Despite her many worldly interests and pursuits, Asia never forgets the importance of living in the moment and embracing life’s spontaneity. Her free-spirited nature keeps her open to new experiences and ensures that every encounter with her is exciting and unforgettable. Her love of the finer things in life and discerning taste make her the perfect match for gentlemen who appreciate the same, and her charming personality and stunning beauty make her irresistible to all who encounter her.


Age 30 ~ 5 feet 3 inches ~ 130lbs ~ Enhanced 36 DD – 24 – 36 ~ Asian & African American heritage ~ petite hourglass figure, plump lips, & artistic tattoos.



Short but oh, so sweet

1 hour / $600
Changing my life with the wave of her hand

2 hours / $1,200
The sexiest of Introductions (minimum for new friends)

3 hours / $1,600
Sweet satisfaction

4 hours / $2,000
Champagne & Caviar

*Dates 3 hours or longer, I require time in a public space; drinks, dinner, shopping, concert, etc.

Stay for awhile, won’t you?

I’m honored to spend time with those who share my preference for meaningful, longer dates. ♡ Longer dates are my favorite! By getting to know one another, the passion that comes after will be all the sweeter.

*I am a low-volume provider, so longer dates are prioritized.

5 hours / $3,400
Mind blown, heart owned

6 hours / $4,000
Anticipation counts every heartbeat

15 hours / $6,000
The night fades into day (overnight)

*For overnight dates, I require at least 7 hours of sleep*

24 hours / $8,400

All I want is you

48 hours / $12,000
Due giorni in paradiso

All dates require a 25% deposit

24 hours advance notice is required for scheduling – this ensures all screening and deposit matters can be resolved in a timely manner.

You may request a travel engagement if you are outside of the RDU, NC area.

For dates cancelled with timely 24 hours advance notice, the deposit paid is still valid for a reschedule within 90 days of our original date.

On the exceedingly rare occasions where I must cancel, the deposit will be fully refunded to you within 24 hours.


I’ve had the honor of being swept up into a series of exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements with well-known and adored loves since 2015. As our story unfolds, feel free to inquire about these immense benefits of our own.

If we are meeting at a public location, please have my donation ready in a card or small gift bag (and in plain sight). I appreciate you presenting this to me within a few minutes of us meeting so we can avoid an awkward exchange.

If we are meeting in private, please have my donation ready in an envelope that should be placed on the bathroom counter in plain site.

Please make sure your hygiene is a priority prior to our meeting as this is certainly the case for myself. If you need to shower in the room when you arrive, please do!

If at any point I feel uncomfortable during our time together, I will express this to you and/or I will leave (no refunds). Please be a gentleman as I put my heart into our time together and will be crushed if I’m not treated well.

Tips and gifts are not necessary but always appreciated (and a sure fire way to see me blush). I love to be spoiled and will most certainly spoil you in return!

If you find that you are feeling unwell on the day of our meeting, please don’t hesitate to reach out and reschedule. I am fully vaccinated against covid-19 (inc. boosters) and have my current (2023) flu shot.

My listed rates are for my companionship and time only. Sexually explicit communication will result in immediate discontinuation of our correspondence. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

I’m passport ready and already day-dreaming about the possibilities…

Domestic Travel: East coast | 6 hr minimum.

West coast | 24 hr minimum.

International Travel: 48 hours minimum.

Plus: business/first class airfare, hotel, any travel expenses / 50% deposit required.

I have so much fun with couples! Please note that there is a 3 hour minimum for couples (trust me) as well as an additional charge of $800

I require an additional donation of $250 for all in-call appointments, which will be held at a hotel. That is, unless you book.

Sensual Massage add on: 30 min | +$100 per 30 minutes. (Influenced by Ayurveda)

A perfect way to start our time together. I prepare our space by laying out soft Turkish towels and the herbal oil is warmed in a copper bowl. I undress as we connect over our breath; I intentionally explore your body with my hands, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and you fall into complete relaxation.

Facial & Neck Massage: 60 min | $500 | (One-way touch)

Trained professionally as an esthetician, I have experience in working with the lymphatic system and facial muscles. Not only does this treatment clear toxins and tension from your face and neck; we are stimulating collagen production and sculpting. You’ll leave completely relaxed and glowing. (For this treatment we use a warm herbal oil)

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